Our Staff

We are a fun, energetic, hard working and service-oriented group of people!
Below is a brief and humorous overview of our dedicated team of employees.

Mark VanDyke, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer
Role: Oversees the entire company sales and administrative operations. Helps facilitate customer business and guides employees towards company objectives. Known for being the best story teller this side of the Mississippi!
Hobbies: Going to the beach and entertaining his Grandchildren
Favorite Food: Black Licorice


MarioMario VanDyke

Sales Manager
Role: Concentrates on developing strategic supplier relationships as well as attracting new customers and penetrating existing markets. Frequently sleep deprived. Great at re-telling yarns heard from his hair dresser. Best known for his rugged good looks and for stealing the company coffee maker.
Hobbies: The latest cool technology and hanging out with Luigi.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti


Dana Gutierrez

Executive Assistant
Role: Customer service with a smile and doer of all things needing done. A.K.A. "The Tracker"
Hobbies: Reading and playing with her daughters. Cow tipping on occasion.
Favorite Food: Meat and potatoes and Mountain Dew!


Jan Johnston

Administrative Support
Role: Customer service and sales assistant extraordinaire! Taking care of emergencies and being the only calm person in the room.
Hobbies: Playing with her Grandchildren and being the best dressed person in the room.
Favorite Food: Meatballs


charles "Chuck" Pell

Design Lead
Role: Architect and space planning expert. Colorado licensed architect. Chuck has completed projects in his architecture practice from simple home remodeling to approximately 200 custom homes, and he has completed substantial tenant finish projects, and a number of complete office buildings.

Chuck has been involved with commercial furniture since 1983, when he became the Vice president of Business Interiors. He ran the design department for 20 years, and saw that company grow from 4 million to 20 million in annual projects. He personally oversaw projects from one office to 1000 stations.
Hobbies: Travel
Favorite Food: Salad


Nancy Lee

Accountant and Bookkeeper
Role: Making sure we stay in the black! Became famous at the company for putting decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks and once everyone had gotten over their caffeine addictions, she switched them to espresso. It was our biggest sales month in the last decade!
Hobbies: Enjoying exotic meals, football and llama breeding.
Favorite Food: Bacon Bourguignon


Jim Van Horn

Account Manager
Role: Assists our customers with solutions to better improve their business environment. Best known for making great steaks on the grill.
Hobbies: Golfing, fishing and skiing and playing practical jokes on Mario.
Favorite Food: Filet Mignon and gooey-chocolate dessert


MerileeMerilee Thompson

Account Manager
Role: Interior design and sales of cutting edge office furniture. Always full of energy and good advice. She's the gal who has "always got your back!"
Hobbies: Country Western Dancing and climbing Mount Everest.
Favorite Food: Martinis


Jim Olsen

Account Manager
Role: Responsible for developing and maintaining furniture business in the Denver market. Best known for keeping everyone on their toes in the office with his witty antics and one-of-a-kind inspirations.
Hobbies: Spending time at his cabin, fly fishing, cycling and enjoying outdoor activities with his family. Dreaming about owning a classic Mustang and motoring through the Rockies.
Favorite Food: Grilled beef and Red wine


Steve Moden

Sales Guru & Project Manager
Role: Maintains major furniture and filing system accounts in the Denver area. He has a memory like an elephant which comes in handy often and makes his colleagues jealous.
Hobbies: Cycling and taking his daughters to swim practice. Also drinking good wine and trying to figure out how on earth any man can survive in a house inhabited by four women!
Favorite Food: Ramen


Bill Brummett

Sales and Marketing Executive
Role: Government bid sales expert and most importantly the L.D.P. (lunch delivery person).
Hobbies: Picking his nose and driving fast.
Favorite Food: Southwest Asian


Tony Pachak

Installation Technician
Role: Responsible for furniture and file system installation and moves. Best known for his stunning oil portraits of nature and animals.
Sampling of Tony's Work

Check it out - he's the best!
Hobbies: Art(duh), photography, and showing up at his mother's house unannounced for dinner. Also drinking milk directly out of the carton.
Favorite Food: Salvadorean Goat Stew


Tommy Vinson

Senior Installation Technician
Role: Oversees the installation activities of the firm. Frequently fixes a certain sales consultant mistakes (you know who you are).
Hobbies: Playing with his Grandchildren and playing the kazoo.
Favorite Food: Kung Pao Chicken


Dana Thompson

Installation Technician
Role: Responsible for furniture and file system installation and moves. Whistles while he works!
Hobbies: Dancing the tango and studying the sociological aspects of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
Favorite Food: Buddha's Delight and packing peanuts


Ken Hill

Installation Technician
Role: Responsible for furniture and file system installation and moves. Best known for falling asleep and dropping his drill on his head while laying under a desk during a keyboard tray installation.
Hobbies: Politics, green environment initiatives and reciting prose.
Favorite Food: Vegetable Fried Rice


Ruben Hernandez

Installation Technician
Role: Responsible for furniture and file system installation and moves. Known for his daring acts of bravery and his boisterous voice.
Hobbies: Former trapeze artist
Favorite Food: Steak Tartar




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