About Us

Since 1969, RMRM Business Environments has provided furniture, filing and storage solutions for business, healthcare, education and government organizations.
We offer award-winning products designed to meet your office needs in every
area of your company, from the board room to the mail room.

We are a full service, turn-key operation – we can help specify the furniture you require, place the order, receive everything in our own warehouse, deliver and install with our own staff using our own trucks, and provide service and additional matching furniture for the life of the product. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice and come meet with you personally to make certain we understand exactly what you need, so we get things right the first time.


We are a full service furniture and filing systems dealer and can help you with product selection, space planning, finish selection, delivery and installation. We have a fully equipped in-house installation department.  This department handles all warranty and service needs and issues. Our installation/service staff are knowledgeable, capable and dependable.  One phone call to our office for any need and a service member will come directly to your location to provide the service required. We provide this service for the lifetime of your purchase.


Our in-house design department can help with product selection, space planning
and more. We work to understand how the elements of each project will affect
your organization as a whole and how elements of the organization also influence
the project.

By understanding how your project fits into the function of your organization, we
can discover opportunities to add value and make suggestions that often provide
long-term savings. Our focus will be on your requirements for functional, ergonomic, sustainable and aesthetic furnishings, their value and investment returns.


Our company takes a serious approach to environmental conservation. The majority of the products we provide are made
in environmentally sustainable methods that are functional, durable, stylish and economically priced. We choose to represent and partner with manufacturers that create environmentally responsible products through safe and sustainable manufacturing processes, using materials that are replaceable and have minimal impact in construction.

The products that we sell are designed to have minimal impact in disposal when their useful lifespan comes to an end, many years from now. We work with manufacturers who prioritize building practices that support the LEED® Green Building Rating System.


We have the pleasure of providing products made by over 100 manufacturers. Our furniture and filing systems lines are diverse and meet many different needs and budgets. Below is a listing of the filing and furniture products that we offer.

  • Panel systems
  • Office systems
  • Seating
  • Management chairs, task chairs, guest chairs, reception seating, stools
  • Lounge and reception furniture
  • Wood and laminate desks
  • Conference, meeting and training rooms
  • Tables, mobile tables, training tables, conference tables, work tables
  • Computer and mail room furniture
  • Ergonomic products
  • High density filing systems
  • Filing cabinets, lateral files, vertical files, file pedestals
  • Library shelving
  • Storage shelving
  • Floor-to-ceiling walls (architectural walls)
  • Lighting
  • Sound masking (white noise)

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For more information, e-mail us at contact@rmrminc.com.